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Sat, 24 June


Orion Coffee Club Springfield

SPRINGFIELD - Sip, Paint 'n' Groove (Silent Disco Mixed Medium Paint Class) 70's Edition

$69 TOTAL COST ($44 DEPOSIT TO BOOK + $25 PAYABLE ON ARRIVAL) Includes your class + dinner + glass of wine + art to take home *Afterpay your deposit for $11 today*

SPRINGFIELD - Sip, Paint 'n' Groove (Silent Disco Mixed Medium Paint Class) 70's Edition
SPRINGFIELD - Sip, Paint 'n' Groove (Silent Disco Mixed Medium Paint Class) 70's Edition

Time & Location

24 June 2023, 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Orion Coffee Club Springfield, 27/1 Main St, Springfield Central QLD 4300, Australia

The Details

Here at our Sip and Dip we offer FUN art not FINE art, enjoy a guided learn to make class with us as we step you back in time to the 70's where Disco was fabulous and bellbottoms were in!

It's time to shake off your inhibitions and indulge yourself a night of creativity. Spend the night with us in a fabulous fusion of food, wine, paint and giggles as you delve into a space of creation guided by music.

No previous experience is required, read on to see how the night is put together - roll solo and meet new people or come as a group - the more the merrier! You will create a A4 framed colourful disco ball against a sharp white background - in a semi-structured class that allows you to work to your own timing!




Paying by Afterpay? Pay your deposit for $11.00 today and 3 more payments over the next 6 weeks!

Included in the price of all tickets on offer on the evening is:

- Dinner from the sip 'n' dip menu (served on arrival before your class starts)

- a glass of wine

- Your art class pack, materials and equipment

- Your teacher to set you up, get you connected and assist you when you need it

- A range of art supplies to choose from to create your piece

- a A3 framed art work to make and take home on the night

- Your curated playlist based on voting (read below for more info)


What is a 'Silent Disco Paint' and how will the night work?

These classes are all about getting your groove on,  not your average Sip 'n' Paint. Designed to let you work at your own pace this class is less formal and not structured class to encourage inclusion and provide a space for people at all levels to come in and really shake off the drama of live and enjoy some zone out time. What this looks like for each person attending is different.

On arrival, you will check-in and head to the counter to order your meal and pay your $25, then as soon as you are done eating the teacher will head over, and provide you with your kit and instructions on how to bring up the curated playlist for the night and how to connect to the guided steps, and show you through our interactive step sheet. This means everyone will start and finish at different times, meaning there is no pressure if you fall behind or take a little longer with a step :-) From then on it's up to you as to how you enjoy your experience, our teacher will be there to help every step along the way or as little or as much as you indicate you want. We provide a cheat sheet that you can scan to give you in-depth technique instruction if you prefer to work solo.

Some people bang on their headphones and use this as a space to express themselves, to dance and paint, some people bi-pass the disco and listen to play list on the house speaker, and use it as a chance to catch up with friends, and others come solo so that they can be around people but enjoy their time on their own, and there is a huge range in between.  These nights are there to promote creative fun and are designed so you can enjoy your art the way it best suits you!

Is this class structured?

Yes and No. Yes in that there is a process to follow that is provided to you,  the class starts with your meal and so the timing is based on you (no waiting for the whole room to finish their meal before you start your class). We keep these artworks very simple in terms of process and steps, so that you can produce something that looks beautiful and you would be proud to present in about 4 steps that the teacher can deliver at your table, or you can follow via the instructions provided. This night is about creating in a way that makes you feel good.

Can I do this class without talking to anyone?

Yes! This class can be completed totally autonomously. As the class starts for you when you finish your meal (you are not waiting for everyone to finish) you simply get set up with the teacher, then jump right in following the steps provided if that's your jams.

What do we need to bring to this event?

You will need a smartphone with access to the internet, and a set of headphones if you would like to participate in the 'Silent Disco' part of the evening. The playlist will be produced on youtube specifically for the event based on the voting. On the night you will be connected to the playlist we have created for you, and your instruction sheet will allow you to scan each step of your project showing a technique 'short' on how to do each part. Your teacher will be available to help you through each step also. The night is as structured or as unstructured as you like.

What are we painting and what materials are we using?

On the night you will be provided with an A3 frame, and a collection of mediums to choose from (available on the night are metallic watercolor paints, alcohol ink markers,  acrylic paints, paint pens, and regular water colours to choose from). You will also be provided with rough tooth, 300gsm high-quality german made water colour paper which will come pre-scored with the image you are painting on the night (no sketching here!).  From there, you will use your chosen materials to fill in your artwork which you will be able to frame before leaving. So you will leave with one A3-sized framed piece that you created with your chosen art supplies! 

Can we bring our own materials?

You can! If you would prefer to bring additional art materials we are more than happy for you to use those in class. This however won't change the fee for the ticket.

What's the playlist for this event?

This is dictated by you - visit this link to vote for the songs you want to be included in the playlist here, we will include them in order of popularity - feel free to add any you want to see featured to the list!

Hows the ticketing work?

You will pay a deposit to hold your spot, and finalise your payment on arrival at the venue at $25 a head which will cover your dinner and glass of wine. Full bar is available on-site if you wish to purchase further drinks.

Traveling with your work

For the Sip and Paint class, there is letter prep for traveling. Depending on the paint you choose it may be too wet to frame on the night, you can pop you work atop your frame and frame it at home once it has dried if that is the case for you.


There is plenty of parking available on-site at no cost to you.

What to wear to class?

Please wear old clothing, with long sleeves or a aprin, you are attending an art class and should dress accordingly. Paint can be difficult to remove - we can not provide aprons at this time due to covid restrictions.

Can I pre-order a meal?

No, the venue provides a special discounted menu for Sip 'n' Dip Classes. If you have special dietary requirements you can contact them directly. This venue has 5 options available. 

What happens if I can't make it?

You can find the terms and conditions here. For this class you will loose your deposit if you cancel within 7 days. We do have an optional ticket add-on that allows you to purchase deposit protection meaning you can transfer your ticket to another class on our roster right up until the start of the event. If you need flexibility in your booking please choose this option the fee is $8.50

Please take a moment to read our ticket sales terms and conditions located here.

It is our responsibility to publish these terms and conditions and make them easily accessible, and your responsibility as the client to read these terms and conditions prior to purchasing your ticket to ensure you agree with them. This includes terms and conditions that relate to bad weather, COVID 19, Lockdowns, Cancellations, intellectual property & refunds. 

Due to the high number of no-shows and the financial implications that no-shows have on our business, we adhere to this policy to the letter and will not deviate from our agreed policy.

What size is this class

Classes will vary between 10- 60 people depending on which class is most popular, we will simply send additional teachers as class numbers grows.

I am on the NDIS, can I have my class invoiced and how to support workers work?

Yep sure can, just contact and we can arrange an invoice (but it must be paid in full before the event). We can not invoice for the meal and drink though as that is payable on the night to the venue direct. Support workers are warmly welcome and do not need to pay for an additional ticket if they are there supporting, but a meal deal must be purchased on the night for them as this is a payment made to the venue in leu of a venue hire fee.

Is there a place I can read FAQs?

To help customers prepare for their classes we include a comprehensive frequently asked questions section of our website. You can locate that here. Please allow the page up to 5 seconds to load as it can initially appear as blank for those with slower internet connections.


  • $44 DEPOSIT ($25 DUE AT EVENT)


    Sale ended

    This fee allows you to transfer out of your class and into another class right up until the start of the event time. This transfer can be made on any classes listed on the same website it was purchased but excludes contractor classes. You must purchase buyer protection for as many tickets as is required (you will need to specify the name on the buyer protection - protection is non transferrable between tickets).

    Sale ended



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