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Sat, 26 June



STUDIO - JAANA - Resin Master Class - Contained, Covered, Cast

$150 = Detailed Resin Masterclass (3 pieces a clock, a resin wave/ocean styled pour, and 6 piece coaster set)

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STUDIO - JAANA - Resin Master Class - Contained, Covered, Cast
STUDIO - JAANA - Resin Master Class - Contained, Covered, Cast

Time & Location

26 June 2021, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm AEST

Goodna, 98 Brisbane Terrace, Goodna QLD 4300, Australia


The Details


Have you been to one of our beginner resin classes and looking for a new challenge? Maybe you have found a beautiful image that you want to replicate in your work, want a more intimate class setting?

Our resin masterclass is for you!

Your resin class will be held with Jaana - our founder and Sip 'n' Dip's General Manager and is designed by her to provide you with an in-depth look at resin and how it works. While our classes are focused around Fun art not Fine art - in this masterclass you can expect a delve deeper than the surface and look at the process of working with resin as you explore the medium in a group capped at 10 people only.

Expect more pieces, more information and more time - with a smaller group. Take your resin knowledge to the next level!

Resin Saftey

How to work with resin safely, what resin is, kinds of resins on the market, how to set up your workspace, how to choose the right resin for the job, special considerations and how to work with a heat gun (we will be using a heat gun in this class along with respirators and other advanced safety techniques).

Colour Choices

When it comes to upping your a game with resin, colour choices can take your work to the next level. You will learn about how to match colours, complementary colours and the colour wheel. You will have the option to work with Alcohol inks, Pigmented Inks, Suspended inks, Pigment Pastes, Pigment powders, pressed flowers and glitters. Jaana will guide you in choosing colours that will blend well together to match the home decor, gift objectives and style choices beautifully to allow you to create just what you had in mind.

Pour Styles

Learning what style appeals to you is huge. Not all styles are created equal and this session will include a discussion around some of the most common pour styles and how they change in look and feel based on things like how you assemble your work,  the kinds of pigments you choose to use, the order in which you apply your resin and more. At this point we will discuss and share photos of our artwork goals for the day and chat about how you can aim to achieve your chosen styles.


You will learn about the post-production process. Ways to achieve clean-finished work at home without the power tools in the studio, the swipe technique (and where it can go wrong), taping, sanding and more. Learn about the stages of the cure process and how to safely finish your work.


Learn how to cast a set of 6 round coasters. We offer lots of beginner coaster classes, but this class will put you in the drivers seat. From our keepsake styled coasters with pressed flowers and glitter to luxe pigment swirls (or even our petri dish styled pours) Jaana will guide you through the technique you need to achieve the styled cast you want. Bring a picture of what you want to achieve (or even message it to us in advance so we can prepare and ensure we have the materials on site) and we can assist you with guidance step by step to get the perfect pour just the way you want it.


When it comes to container pours you can't beat a clock pour. You will discuss two techniques in detail (the tilt and pour and the dirty pour) you will look at what kind of pigments create what kind of looks in this style (including the use of clear shots) and you will ultimately create a clock using your preferred pour style to achieve the look and feel you want.


Jaana will teach you how to achieve the much sought after wave board (whitewash cells and all!) you will choose the colours you want to work with and step by step you will be taught not only how to do this amazing styled pour, but why. You will use a heat gun and learn how to use it to create beautiful cells stretching through your work and leave with a board that is truly next level and something you will be proud of.

Your work will remain with us on the day for 2 weeks and once sanded and finished you will be able to collect it.

Please read our resin page before attending, this outlines care instructions, common mistakes, issues and common FAQ's about resin and is very helpful to read BEFORE your class.

If you are aiming for a very specific outcome, please message the Facebook page with photos so we can discuss your options with you and confirm that what you are wanting to achieve you can do in a single-stage pour.


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