- Mixed Media Artist

- Contractor or Casual Role available




Sip 'n' Dip hosts an ever-changing range of basic/beginner Sip 'n' Create art classes throughout South East Queensland. We aim to provide an inclusive and holistic art experience to our clients at an excellent price point comparative to the market. We build ongoing relationships with our client base and treat our venues as an extension of our own brand and principals. We commenced trade in 2019 as a ’side gig’ and experienced rapid growth and demand for our services now expanding across southeast Queensland and occupying 20+ venues including the establishment of a Art Studio based in Goodna. We operate predominantly in a proud partnership with The Coffee Club, Large scale football clubs and Taverns. We encourage participation from NDIS participants. Our class sizes range from 10 people to 60 people. We service the domestic market and we service the corporate market. Sip ’n’ Dip is rapidly expanding throughout Queensland presently in both our art class offering but also in our online/digital offering, our cafe/studio offering and our online art packs & art supplies offering. Sip 'n' Dip has proven a resilient brand in the face of COVID.  Our goal is to be Australia’s biggest Multi-Media Art Class supplier by 2025 and continue to provide and make opportunities for our wonderful clients to enjoy FUN art not FINE art.






Sip ’n’ Dip Hosts are dynamic, engaging and charismatic. We are an equal opportunity employer. We seek enthusiastic workers that are customer-centric and strive for excellence. Our Hosts are team players and have a goal to provide our clients, their venues and their co-workers with a positive and uplifting experience. We aim to recruit ’sticky staff’, with great communication skills, that can think on their feet and who want to be engaged with us over the long term. We require commitment and reliability from our workers. We provide a rewarding role that allows multimedia artists the ability to work in their area of expertise. Things that detract from the experience of our customers, venues or co-workers are not desirable qualities in candidates and will be moved through the business quickly to make way for desirable candidates.




Whilst the work our hosts do is thoroughly enjoyable and you get access to play with a variety of mediums as part of their job, they are there to work. Essentially shifts run for 2-5 hours (the average shift is 4). The average shift would include the collection of the class pack on their way to class, the set up of the class, the facilitation and delivery of the class and the pack down and return of their class pack after their shift. Generally speaking, for community classes your shift starts when you collect your pack an hour before your class, and your shift concludes an hour after your class concludes in order to cover clean up drop off time. Where class packs are posted to you, your shift would commence 30 minutes before class and 30 minutes after class concludes.


Presently we run 1 class a week in Toowoomba and aim to run 4 classes a week on Friday and Saturday nights. Shifts will commence with 1 class a month and build up to 4 classes, we aim to expand into regional areas surrounding Toowoomba. These roles would service these areas. Shifts are almost always weeknights and weekends and shifts are almost always rostered on so you will almost certainly be working a different shift each week.




Through the recruitment process we aim to identify candidates who are capable of supplying the service we offer. Prospective candidates must have basic skills in alcohol ink, resin and acrylic beginner painting. For employees to be able to take on more shifts they must be able to confidently run the class, therefore staff can opt to attend and shadow classes to upskill themselves to provide the ability for us to provide more shifts. We also offer unpaid training to help artists up skill with their co-workers once a month at our studio. The more classes you can do, the more shifts we can offer you. We do no provide step by step training on how to paint each class, staff are hired based on their ability to do this - we do however fiend questions and give you tips and tricks.






We want to speak to you if:


- You have a background in either teaching and/or Art (preferably both)

- You are familiar with Resin, Alcohol Ink, Beginner Acrylic paintings

- You can learn quickly from written instruction and/or recorded tutorials

- You are enthusiastic, friendly, genuine and encouraging

- Confident in leading a group of between 10-50 people

- A team player, able to work with people and be respectful of your team members

- Are able to provide exceptional instruction of our paint and craft classes to clients

- Able to support our students and help them to achieve their goals

- You are flexible, willing to learn and able to take feedback in such a way as it contributes to the positive growth of yourself professionally

- A commitment to the brand - we will not look at candidates that connect with us in order to push their own agenda - we seek team players



For All appointments:

A Current Blue Card

Your licence & a reliable vehicle capable of transporting a class kit

Sign a confidentiality agreement form

Sign a return of group property form


For a casual engagement:

Sign a non-compete agreement form


For a contractor engagement:

- Your own Public Liability Insurance to 20,000,000

- An ABN





Contractors are paid $27 per hour and are required to invoice us from their arrival time at the venue to their departure time at the venue.


Staff are commiserated based on experience, super is in addition to their base rate and they are paid from 30 minutes before their class starts to 30 minutes afterward.


Level 1 - $19.49

Level 2 - $20.82

Level 3 - $22.70

Level 4 - $24.77


We do not pay for travel - this is claimed on tax.





We have an established staff online forum connected to our website designed to provide staff with information, communication and support with their role. We provide a catalogue of procedures and policy. We host a staff training session (unpaid) once a month to help our staff up skill and qualify for more shifts. We operate with an employee scorecard and regular feedback and we pay our staff above award wages.





You submit your resume and cover letter to -  Applications must be complete to apply. We will not consider applicants who have provided incomplete aplications.


If you are successful, you will be offered an group interview.


Based on that interview you will be offered a 1x1 interview.


Successful applicants are offered a class trial


If successful a role will be offered with a position with a probationary period.