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How to mix resin at home

We have lots of people starting to purchase resin from our online store so we thought we would add a post to help you with how to mix your resin at home.

Please in the first instance check the SDS for the resin you purchased - you can find them on the supplier's website (located on the bottles). If you are doing a DIY pack from a class you can locate the Just Resin Art Resin information here.

Step 1.

Please ensure you are in a well-ventilated area free of pet hair, pests, and dust and your surface is level and protected with a plastic sheet. Put on your PPE (refer again to the above link if unsure).

Step 2.

Measure the amount of resin you need according to the manufacturer's instruction, skip this step if you have been provided pre-measured resin.

Step 3.

Combine your resin by mixing both parts into a mixing cup and using a spatula to combine them slowly for 5 minutes. You will know your resin is ready when the silky looking streaks disappear, and your resin is looking clear.


hold your cup by its lip, stir slowly and keep your spatula on the base of the cup, ensure you scrape the sides and the bottom to ensure you are mixing your resin evenly.

Step 4.

If you are colouring your resin, divide it into smaller pots, add your pigment to these cups and combine evenly.

Step 5.

Pour onto your project using your preferred style, ensure an even coat

Step 6.

To remove any bubbles spritz with Isopropyl alcohol, we do not recommend torching, heat guns or lighters without appropriate ventilation and a correctly fitting rubber mask with filters.

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