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REMINDER: Our online arts and crafts supply store is being rebuilt, we cannot accept orders at this time for art supplies and expect the relaunch of that service mid 2024


Sip 'n' Dip might look big online, but we are a family-owned and run business based in Ipswich. Our trade is operated entirely by 3 mums (of three) Jaana, Kayla, and Desiree. As we are a small business we are very hands-on and you will find us doing everything from buying and moving the stock, to packing class kits, to admin and marketing right through to answering messages for support. 

Due to the nature of our small business, our standard response time for our emails, messages and DM's are 3 business days at Sip 'n' Dip. Our business days are Tuesday to Thursday 10am - 2pm.


Emails sent outside of those days are checked and replied to directly from us, submit your request via the form below and it will be sent to all three of us for someone to look at and reply to in between jobs. Please note - due to the huge volume of scam callers we have removed phone-based support.

Thank you for connecting with Sip 'n' Dip, we appreciate each and every one of you and will do our best to be back in touch with you just as quickly as we can.

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