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Private events with Sip ‘n’ Dip are governed by the same terms and conditions as all other events. You can read the full terms and conditions located in the following areas:

- Listed on this link

- At the top header of our website c

- From the menu on our website

- When your booking link is issued you can also locate it on that link in 3 locations

Customers understand and agree that there are terms and conditions that apply to any booking and if you decide to progress and that you have been provided a link (above) and subsequently read the terms and conditions and understand the refund policy which includes the following important terms expanded on below:


There are two ways to pay for your private event by upfront deposit, or via a live booking link. 

Invoicing Option

Customers will pay a non-refundable deposit for this event for the number of people indicated on the accepted quote, which is payable within 7 days of making my booking. The final 50% is due 7 days before the event and the minimum number required to be paid is what was invoiced the first time - if numbers have reduced that payment is still required in full.


Payment Link Option

We can general a payment link for you to circulate to your guests so that they can pay their deposits directly For purchase links, invoices will be issued at checkout. The minimum number of guests that you indicated on your booking form must be booked and paid within 14 days. If your event is at a venue and includes a meal, the meal payment is due on arrival.


We can certainly accommodate increases in numbers, but we need advance notice to ensure we can source materials for your class - customers agree to a substitute if less than 7 days notice is provided for significant class number increases.


If there is an act of god (like major flooding) or a societal lockdown (like COVID) or any other life-threatening event that prohibits the event from proceeding, this event will be rebooked and anyone who cannot attend the rebooked date will be issued a credit note usable in our network of classes locally. Refunds will not apply under any circumstances.



If the event is canceled, it is the responsibility of the person who booked the event to communicate this with their guests.


Customers agree that if they cancel this event inside of 7 days, they will forfeit any deposit (monies collected for this event to date) paid in full which will be used to recover lost monies spent on stock for your event. There will be no refund payable for cancellations. Cancellations outside of 7 days will be provided 1 replacement booking opportunity for the group, further cancellations will result in forfeiture of their deposit. Deciding you will not rebook is not grounds for a refund, that is a change of mind under the ACCC ruling.


If any of the customer's guests are no-shows for this event without 7 day’s notice, they will forfeit their deposits paid (this includes for reasons such as covid) – refunds and credits will not apply unless they have purchased ticket protection. Other guests, unfortunately, can not complete the additional project due to the time required (if this is requested you will be invoiced for any overtime the teacher spends on site), and DIY packs will not apply. Multiple individual cancellations is not grounds to cancel the event.


Deposit protection is available for $10 per guest in addition to the fee paid, this allows any guests to transfer into a publically listed event in writing to right up until the start time of the event. Deposit protection must be purchased for the ticket at the time the ticket is purchased (can not be purchased after you no show).


The minimum number of attendees is 10 people OR the number committed to on the booking, if fewer people attend, the person booking the event will be still be required to purchase 10 tickets or the minimum number they booked for.


Teachers running overtime for disorganisation of the host, late arrivals, unprepared rooms, guests who will not follow host instructions or for any reason caused by guests will be charged at $30 an hour for delays caused to the event. Please ensure you have tables, chairs and enough space for each guest to work (approx 60cm per guest) we will provide table cloths on arrival. Remembering our teachers often have a booking after yours so must adhere to the timeframe you set.


Customers understand that they are responsible for a reasonably accurate booking size at the time of confirmation of their event - if the initially committed number of attendees changes by more than 5 people,  the person booking may be charged (and agree to pay) a fee to cover stock pre-purchased for the number they committed to initially prior to the change, in order to recover lost monies and time spent acquiring and paying for stock for the event. This policy is firm, and in place to ensure people request a booking with accurate sizing, rather than exaggerating booking size to seek out a better quote. Our class fees are already very competitive in the market, and often a minimum of $20 cheaper than competitors, exaggerated class sizing won't change the quote. Material fees range from $15 - 45 per person depending on the class you chose so please provide an accurate indication of your class size.


Customers can tentatively hold a proposed date for 24 hours. But if an agreement in writing to a quote issued has not been provided after 24 hours the date/time will go back into circulation, this is particularly important for peak periods where available bookings are very limited due to Christmas peak dates often being booked and paid for as part of EOFY.

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