If we are required to lockdown for any reason, our lockdown policy comes into place. This policy has been put in place to protect us and our clients and ensure the continuality of business.

This policy should be applied in conjunction with our refund/transfer policy. The refund/transfer policy applies to the letter in the first instance - but in addition to that policy - this policy comes into place when a society lockdown is required at any level.

This policy applies to private events and planned public events.

UPDATED 09/11/2021 - See version control for changes (bottom of page)

Please refer also to our frequently asked questions for more information.

This policy is an extension of and forms part of our ticket sales policy which has also been added below to make it easy to compare. You can also see it here.



In the event of a lockdown Sip 'n' Dip will follow the below protocol across all regions:

  • Review communications provided by the state and federal government and comply with the required actions.

  • Select the events we are required to postpone.

  • Contact our venues to advise our position, and provide advice as to which actions we are required to take to comply with said required actions.

  • Contact our artists to ensure their welfare, safety, and provide advice on any shift cancellations.

  • Contact our studio and advise closure requirements and additional safety requirements.

Based on these actions we will follow the below process in order:

  1. Post on Facebook acknowledging the lockdown and providing confirmation that advice will be forthcoming. Then pin this post to the top of the page.

  2. Add an automatic responder to the Facebook messager reflecting this message.

  3. Add a pop up to the website reflecting this message.

  4. Message all attendees via email to let them know their classes have been postponed with advice for when our next contact will be with them.

  5. Change the title of events that have been postponed on both the website and on Facebook.

Once this sequence has been followed we will wait for advice from the local, state, and federal government as to the appropriate next step. Once restrictions are eased we will follow the below protocol:

  1. Contact all our artists to check their comfort in teaching and confirm shifts.

  2. Contact our venues to confirm their ability to host planned classes under any existing restrictions

  3. Contact ticket holders via email for any events in the next 7 days and email them to confirm their classes will proceed.

  4. Update the Facebook post, website pop up and autoresponder to include the new information. 

  5. Proceed to reschedule postponed events for 4 - 6 weeks' time.

  6. Proceed to watch information advice from the local, state, and federal government as to the appropriate next step and action/repeat the protocol as required.




In the event that a lockdown is lifted and the Sip 'n' Dip event can proceed, but customers are located in an area that remains in lockdown (and are therefore restricted from traveling) our no-show policy applies. Note that we make provisions under the policy and ensure effect customers are issued a full credit that can be used at any class in the region it was purchased rather than loosing their ticket. But have added this clarification on this page, in addition to where it is listed on the general policies to make it easier to find.


Sip 'n' Dip reserves the right to apply the requirement for PPE equipment as a mandatory requirement of attendance. If customers can not comply for a health reason we will review on a case by case basis and agree to comply based on the government's policy. Customers can opt for a credit if they prefer not to attend as an objection to complying with this policy provided 48 hours notice is givem. Refunds will not be offered for customers who object to complying and wish not to attend as a result.


We recognise that some customers may be uncomfortable returning to class after a lockdown situation, this may be for a variety of reasons from fear for their own health and safety to an objection to wearing PPE equipment required to attend. In all cases, customers reserve the right to attend or not to attend. For customers who decide not to attend, an 48 hour notice period is required (or the ticket will be forfeit) and credits will be offered. Refunds will not be offered for customers who object to complying and wish not to attend as a result. If you no longer wish to attend an event due to concerns about COVID-19, this is treated under consumer law as a 'change of mind' please refer to the ACCC website for more information.


If customers have cold and flu symptoms that didn't exist prior to the 48 hour notice period (ie. they started getting sick within the notice period and couldn't give notice), they must not attend class. To get a transfer of ticket to another class customers MUST visit a doctor the same day to present with their symptoms in order to claim that transfer. If they present to a doctor with symptoms, they will test for COVID and require them to isolate. A copy of this isolation notice will be required to transfer the ticket or it will remain forfeited and be ineligible to transfer. Refunds do not apply.


The isolation notice will show the date and time customers were tested and verify they have let us know as soon as they could. Unfortunately, people have taken advantage of the government directive not to attend events and are using it as a way to circumnavigate the refund policy and so this policy applies to all tickets purchased.



The situation with COVID 19 is developing. From time to time, depending on hotspots in the community and risk of transmission, customers may be advised that they are required to quarantine or isolate without notice. Anyone who has had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 may be directed to quarantine in their home, an alternative quarantine address or in government arranged accommodation.


If you are directed to quarantine, you will be issued with a quarantine direction under the Public Health Act 2005. This is a legal notice. If you have been directed to quarantine, you must stay at the address stated on your quarantine direction for 14 days, or the date otherwise specified on the direction. You must proceed directly to your home as quickly as practicable, you can not continue with your class and comply with the direction.

If you arrive for a class, and are issued with notice before ordering, you will be entitled to  a credit

If you arrive for your class, and eat but do not attend the class component - you can be transferred to another date OR you can ask for a DIY pack and take your project kit home with you.

If you have eaten and are half way through your class, you must pack up and head directly home.  - You can be transferred to another date to do your project OR you can ask for a DIY pack.


In all cases, you are required to supply your notice. 


As soon as you are aware that you have been given a quarantine directive you must tell your teacher and provide as much information about the notice as you have, and provide a phone number before departing. We will then make an announcement to the room advising your fellow artists that you have left, and what the situation is. The artist will call their manager who will phone the venue to confirm, followed by the covid hotline. The class will proceed until we are otherwise advised we are unable to do so.


We are considerate in terms of losses we make if someone is notified halfway through the class. We cover a host of miscellaneous expenses, in addition to admin rebooking. But if you have eaten the meal, or taken the meal as a doggy bag and you choose to attend a class instead of a DIY pack, when you attend the meal component will be required to be paid again as a second meal will be provided and provision of meals is required by all venues to permit our clients to attend (this is not required for DIY packs as the meal has already happened in that scenario) as we are required to ensure everyone who attends on a given night, pays for a meal.


We have always been required to follow every and all directives issued from the government therefore our policy remains firm and without change. When it comes to the recent additional requirement announced 9/11/2021 to ensure that you must have received two doses of a Covid 19 immunisation, the policy still remains unchanged.


We require 48 hours notice if you can not attend your class in order to obtain a credit unless you are showing cold or flu symptoms (see above).

This includes the government directive that requires all patrons to be double vaccinated. If the venue refuses you access based on any rulings associated with your immunisation status, we will not refund your ticket. If you provide us 48 hours notice, we will offer you a credit.


If we are required to lock down for a lockdown event, tickets will be postponed for the projected duration of the lockdown. After the lockdown has been finalised and restrictions are lifted we will resume rebooking classes. The ACCC expects that you will receive a refund or other remedy, such as a credit note or voucher, in most circumstances. We comply with this directive by offering to reschedule the event and offering a credit note if you are unable to attend if the lockdown exceeds 8 days a conversation of the event to digital.

Lockdown Events  1-8 days

This policy confirms we will reschedule classes for the same day & time on a date approx 4-6 weeks after the postponed event allowing clients ample time to make arrangements to attend. Refunds will not be offered if you can not attend the new date. If customers are unable to attend a credit with a 12-month expiry will be offered which can be used in the region it was purchased.

Lockdown Events 9 days onwards

If lockdown events exceed 8 days we will proceed to offer classes digitally via 'Zoom Meetings' week by week as lockdown progresses until we are able to recommence trade physically (this include post lockdown restrictions to class sizes resulting in our inability to legally hold the event). Packs will be available for collection from your nearest Sip 'n' Dip Cafe/Restaurant/Tavern venue.


Lockdowns that exceed 6 months
If a lockdown event exceeds 6 months, blanket refunds will apply week by week as the lockdown progresses until it is lifted.


Restrictions & Collection Points

Classes include dinner and a drink, therefore our collection points are in most circumstances able to trade for pick up during lockdown as they are considered essential. If however customers are restricted from travel (can not legally collect their meal & class pack from their sip 'n' dip venue) they will be offered a credit which can be used in the region it was purchased. Refunds do not apply.