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Inclusivity at the heart of what we do

At Sip 'n' Dip we provide a fun and creative environment for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and express themselves through art. We offer a range of classes that include painting, drawing, sculpting, and more! We are committed to promoting an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, no matter your artistic ability or background. Our classes provide a safe space to explore your creative side and make lasting connections with like-minded individuals.


Who Can use Sip 'n' Dip with the NDIS


If you are self or plan-managed Sip 'n' Dip Can often support your plan goals. Whilst we can't tell you if you are entitled to it under your plan, we can offer invoicing services in advance of classes you want to attend to remove the risks of being unable to claim.

Many NDIS clients claim under community participation, but we have had a range of plan expense lines used by plan managers over time. Use our booking form to get invoices issued ahead of your classes and check you can claim.

Ask us to generate invoices

Community Participation for NDIS clients

Social and community participation is about meeting people with similar interests and joining in social and community activities. It means going where others go, doing what others do, with other people and choosing activities you enjoy.


Social and community participation also means different things to different people. It can include going to your local café, joining a netball team, bushwalking with a friend, doing a craft class, getting work experience, or volunteering.

We can come to you

We also offer art incursions for groups and 1x1 sessions depending on the needs of the client these can include:

  • 1x1 Art Tuition at your home 

  • Group sessions in your home

  • Group Sessions at special schools

  • Art classes in group homes

  • Classes for children through to adults

  • Classes crafted to particular needs

We can invoice for the lot in advance so that our customers don't need to wait to be refunded by the NDIS and we can offer pricing to include or not include supplies






How do Art as Therapy 1x1 sessions work?

We offer two options for 1x1 sessions, you can pay by the hour for the teacher only (great if you have art supplies covered under your plan and just want the tuition) or you can pay by the hour for an all-inclusive fee where we bring everything.

For tuition only it is $65 + GST per hour, for all-inclusive, we quote per project as the price of materials varies.

*Travel charges may apply, minimum booking of 4 sessions is required, and multiple attendees will increase the fee.

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1x1 Sessions
Issue Invoices


We can invoice for the whole fee for the night in one transaction (meal, drink, and workshop) for Self and Plan managed clients. Manual invoice requests attract a fee of $10 per class, this will be added to the cost of the class and covers the cost of admin associated with manually processing an invoice, following up on payment, and payment fees to transmit your meal and drink fee to the venue on your behalf. This fee is payable regardless of your claim being approved, so please check with your plan manager before requesting.

Note that as the GST charged to NDIS customers please read more about the ATO's determination as to GST associated with NDIS here. Completion of this form will become the written agreement between you as the participant and us as the provider. By submitting this form you are confirming you have a plan in effect, you are entitled to the support under your plan. Invoices issued will be listed as the fee listed across 4 hours.


If you would prefer not to pay for an invoice fee you can book in via the public link and claim your fee direct with your provider (you will also need to seek an invoice from the venue on the night if you would like to claim your fee as this is paid on the night).

If you would like to bring a support worker, and they are supporting you in class (not completing their own project) a fee is payable to the venue to cover a meal and drink but a class fee will not be required. That fee will depend on the class you have chosen, please indicate if you would like this added to your invoice below.

Please note carefully we are not registered providers, therefore Sip 'n' Dip does not know if you are entitled to claim classes under your plan, you must check this with your plan manager to be sure your plan includes allowances under the expense lines. By completing the below form you confirm you have checked and are entitled to claim.

Invoice Request
I agree to the terms and conditons of this booking (all of the below boxes must be ticked or we will not issue an invoice) - please read them carefully

In signing this document, I agree to everything listed above and the terms and conditions listed, and that I will await the invoice, and once payment has cleared, tickets to the events listed. This booking form does not constitute a booking made, just a booking request until the invoice has been issued, it also serves as an agreement between yourself and Sip 'n' Dip.

Upload File

Thanks for your request. You can now close this window.

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