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This form is used to book your private event and to establish a Arty-Party Payment Plan for that event.

If you are trying to book a private event without the laybuy option, please use this form.

The event booking form below will walk you through the terms and conditions, and various options and provide you with the information you need to es

This booking form does not constitute a booking made until we forward a pricing confirmation email to you, and your confirmation to go ahead along with your direct debit form is received - at that point the contract goes into force and we will process your request.


To learn more about Arty Party Payment Plans please visit the page dedicated to the payment options, which includes all terms and conditions associated along with a complete list of fees, you can find that here.

Basic Info
Choose your preferred time on this date
Confirmed Numbers (you
Class Choice

Your event can only have ONE project and ONE medium in any class, this means all your guests will complete the same project in their own colours. We cannot accommodate multiple projects simultaneously in the same class, but you can choose to do two consecutive classes listed (one after the other, two consecutive classes will take longer at between 4 – 5 hours.

For projects not listed below, (pricing has been provided for our most popular classes) please forward a photo and ask us for a quote we can facilitate any of the hundreds of classes on our roster. We can also offer customised Sip and Paint paintings to match your theme. 


Please note carefully that the pricing for private groups is significantly higher than publicly listed events (approximately $20 per person more expensive), this is to cover the additional costs associated with resourcing, admin, facilitation and for a dedicated teacher (their wage) spread over your group - if you would like your event at public prices, please discard this form and book your group into a publicly listed event (see events here).

Note we do have an option to book a private teacher into a public event for $200 + travel, depending on the size of your group this may be a happy medium and cheaper than paying private event pricing. The class will still proceed as a group following the public event teacher’s instruction, but for that additional fee, you will have a dedicated teacher standing at your table for the duration of your event to assist you and your guests.

Please note pricing doesn't change based on group size - our pricing is already well below competitors, we won't reduce the per-head fee unless the booking reaches 70+ people.

Class Type/price
Food Options

If you are booking an event at a venue (café/restaurant) a meal charge per head, overall minimum spend or a venue hire fee is mandatory. The fee depends on the venue you choose meal fees and minimum spending range between $25-$35 per person with a minimum 10 -15 group size. 


For venues we already frequent with our classes, a per-head charge is in lei of a venue hire fee and this portion of the ticket is payable on arrival at the event and they offer a discounted seasonal menu at most venues - this fee is paid direct to the venue on the day. For private events booked at your home/workplace or as part of a picnic and paint, the event the additional available options are also below, note that we (Sip ‘n’ Dip) cannot provide alcoholic beverages outside of licenced venues detailed above, but they can often be purchased at the venue or BYO may apply:

Choose your meal options
Add Ons

We have a variety of add-on options available depending on your requirements see options below. Don’t see what you are looking for? Ask us for a quote, we have a longer list of suppliers we use for one off events and would be more than happy to assist.

Choose your meal options
Terms and Conditions

Private events with Sip ‘n’ Dip are governed by the same terms and conditions as all other events. You can read the full terms and conditions located in the following areas:

- Listed on this link

- At the top header of our website c

- From the menu on our website

In addition to those terms, there is a set of terms and conditions specific to the payment plan, you can find those here.


In signing this document, I agree to everything listed above, and that I will await the quote confirmation email which will outline my pricing and confirm the costs and allow me to formally accept the booking once all costs have been confirmed for me. This booking form does not constitute a booking made, just a booking request until the quote has been accepted in writing by me and confirmed by Sip ‘n’ Dip.

Please attach photogaph of your drivers licence or gov issued ID

Thanks for your request. You can now close this window.We will be in contact via email within 3 business days.

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