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Private Events

(Where you still get the discount)


The economy is making it hard...but we can help

Are you booking an event with lots of people and want to avoid paying a big deposit upfront or collecting payment early (but still pick up a discount) our Arty Party Payment Plans will help get you there!

We have chosen a select group of our most popular classes, discounted them and made them available through our payment plan facilities.


Accessible Private Events with Sip 'n' Dip Art Party Payment Plans.

Set up an Art Payment Plan and save up to $35* per person on standard private event booking fees. The below events attract this reduced rate of $60 per person:


  • Mixed Resin Pour Class with bonus coasters (customers are provided a choice from a variety of resin projects available on the day plus 2 coasters per attendee)

  • Mixed Ink Class (customers are provided a choice from a variety of ink projects available on the day 1 large project or 2 small projects based on availability)

  • Bubble Stud Earring Class (customers will make 12 sets of stud earrings using glitter and resin)

  • Hat Designing Class (customers will decorate 1 hat)

  • Sip and Paint (customers will paint 1 canvas 20x30cm – free upgrades to glow in the dark paint class available)

  • Macrame Pot hanger class (customers make one hanger)

  • Polymer Clay Earring Variety Class (customers will make unlimited earrings in a 1.5 hour period of making time)

  • Watercolour Sip and Paint

  • Candle Pouring (choose from a variety of small containers to create up to 3 candles)

  • Kokedama making class (make one small Kokedama)


Classes can be at your home, at one of our venues or at another venue of your choosing. If the event is held outside a private residence there may be an additional charge payable on the day (our venues charge $25 per person and this covers dinner and a glass of wine payable on arrival).


Classes at a private residence run for 2 hours (teachers will require 30 minutes and after to set up and pack down their classes), classes at a venue will take 3 hours. Times are approximate.

Want something not listed here? We offer a whole range of private events at their regular pricing also through out APPP's!

How to Book

Complete the private event booking form, and await confirmation from us on pricing, once received confirm your preferences and submit your direct debit form, and your plan will be set up and a confirmation email will be sent to you within 3 business days.


Your first payment will be deducted approximately 7 days after your confirmation. You can cancel your plan within that 7 days, a $30 admin fee will be applicable to cover the time taken to action your initial request to establish your account.

How to Calculate your fee

Art Party Payment Plans attract a discounted rate as compared to standard pricing for our private events. To calculate the amount payable use the following formula:


$60 per person x 12 Guests (Minimum) OR the number of guests you would like to secure places for. Then divide that my the number of weeks between now and your event date and you have your weekly payment due -  a direct debit fee of 1.75% + A$0.30 will be added to this payment. Payments can be scheduled for weekly, fortnightly or monthly.




Sarah has been tasked with hosting a hens night for herself, the bride and 10 other guests. The bride has expressed an interest in creating Kokedama. Sarah decides that a Art Party Payment plan is cheaper per person and more convenient way for her to cover the costs of the event.


Sarah knows the date she wants, it is 13 months away and she wants to pay monthly, she plans to have the event at home so she calculates her payments as follows:


$60 per person x 12 people = $720 which she divides by 13 months = $55.38 per month


Her payment will be $55.38 per month + stripes direct debit fee of 1.75% + A$0.30 ($1.26)


Sarah can now compete the booking form and await confirmation of her booking. Sarah has 7 days if she would like to cancel her booking knowing that there is a $30 fee to do so before the terms and conditions are formalised for her payment plan.


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