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Sat, 17 Aug


The Coffee Club Toowoomba

TEACHER : GAJA | TOOWOOMBA - The Coffee Club - Learn to make an ocean themed wall art 20x20cm

$85 includes: class + dinner + drink

TEACHER : GAJA | TOOWOOMBA - The Coffee Club - Learn to make an ocean themed wall art 20x20cm
TEACHER : GAJA | TOOWOOMBA - The Coffee Club - Learn to make an ocean themed wall art 20x20cm

Time & Location

17 Aug 2024, 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm AEST

The Coffee Club Toowoomba, 1/267A Margaret Street &, Victoria St, Toowoomba City QLD 4350, Australia

The Details

Learn to make a hand painted, resin board with us!

Here at our Sip and Dip we offer FUN art not FINE art, enjoy a guided learn to paint class!

We provide everything you need in the ticket price.


DEPOSIT: $60 (Payable when you book this covers your class, equipment, tuition and supplies)

MEAL/VENUE HIRE FEE: $25 (Payable on arrival at the venue on arrival)

Optional Add Ons (see ticket options)

$8.50 - Ticket Protection (read below) covers you so you can have a credit in the event you can not attend your class for ANY reason.

Included in your class fee:

  • All materials needed to create your masterpiece
  • Use of equipment
  • Step by step guided art class
  • Your fantastic art teacher
  • A meal from the Sip 'n' Dip dinner menu
  • A glass of wine/drink
  • Your Canvas to make and take on the night (Length: 20cm Width: 20 cm Thickness:  2cm)



Please arrive right on the start time for your class. Our teachers run to a tight schedule and are only allowed to enter the venue to set up 30 minutes before class. This means they are required to have the whole class set up by the time customers are due to arrive (the start time). They will be unable to accommodate you in the class seating area until the advertised class start time to ensure that your class runs on time. We ask that you arrive  right on time for the class start time advertised to allow the class to flow smoothly to the timing we advertise.


You will create a white ocean using plaster of paris, then you will learn to mix, colour and pour your chosen colour ocean. 


If you are booking, for a resin class it is important to remember that resin is a chemical and as such we ask that you first review the epoxy resin FAQ on our website particularly if you are pregnant,  breastfeeding, or have a child to make an informed decision - we do not recommend the use of resin for people in these stages of life due to risk associated with its use.


Resin is a fluid medium, a bit like the consistency of honey. You will travel home after class with your frame covered in resin, it will be fluid and your design will almost certainly move and settle and look slightly different than it did in class (this is totally normal and would happen even if you didn't travel with it) - for that reason, we recommend highly ride-sharing, so that you can carry your work out of the venue, into the car and home whilst keeping it level and minimizing the movement. You will be shown how to prep and dam your canvas, and secure it onto a tray during class so that you can carry your work home in and keep your resin in place until you arrive home. On arrival, you will level your work then pull the dams off and allow the drips to fall, and remove any drips from under your board with the take-home clean-up pack provided in class.


These will be provided to you in class, please follow the directions exactly as they appear on the list to avoid disappointment.


We will provide a plastic disposable apron and gloves for you to wear in class, we do recommend old clothes, and to have your hair tied back. Resin will often leave a stain if it is dropped onto clothing which will deteriorate the fabric over time. We recommend long sleeves and closed-in shoes.


There is no class pre, but we recommend having a look at our resin FAQ's listed above and also our colour combinations to get an idea for what you might like to create.


No, this venue provides meals and is licenced so you CAN NOT bring in drinks or meals from outside the venue. Meals are on a set menu and can not be ordered in advance. If you have special requirements this will considerably limit the options available, please contact the venue direct to find out the seasonal options available at the time of this event.


Yes, all venues charge a fee. This is a booking fee and is payable on arrival directly to the venue in all instances. All venues offer a meal and a drink complimentary as part of this booking fee, in some instances it is a set menu and in others, it is a minimum spend. If you choose not to eat the meal, the fee is still payable. The Coffee Club Toowoomba is a set menu for $25 and includes a glass of wine.

PREMIUM TICKETS VS STANDARD TICKETS - What is ticket protection?

If you are concerned that you will be unable to attend your class due to work, kids, sickness, illness, injury, emergency or covid we recommend purchasing ticket protection (premium tickets). This is an optional add-on at check out and protects your deposit paid allowing you to transfer it to a credit for later use. If you do not purchase ticket protection, and can not attend your event, you will forfeit your deposit paid, this policy is strict. You must purchase ticket protection for every ticket you wish to protect. There is a $10 fee to rebook using the resulting credits (please see credit policy).

Standard tickets do not include ticket/deposit protection, and are therefore subject to the full standard terms and conditions if you can not attend your event and have not purchased tickets with inbuilt protection.  Ticket protection will not result in a refund, only a credit. Ticket protection covers emergencies and covid, illness or any other reason you can not attend - if you do not purchase ticket protection and you experience an emergency or COVID, you will lose your deposit paid if you can not attend. There is no fee to transfer your ticket to another person to attend on your behalf, please simply provide them the physical ticket and they will be admitted using it.

Please note you can not purchase ticket protection after the fact, we are required to adhere to the policy set for all and bipassing ticket protection will invalidate those who paid for it, so regardless of the reason, if you think for any reason you will be unable to make it, please purchase ticket protection to avoid disappointment.


We welcome all attendees in our class and encourage diversity and inclusion. NDIS participants can book their tickets the same way as all other attendees. Please note we do not know if you are entitled to claim them from your plan manager, please check with them before making a purchase as they are non-refundable. If you would like an invoice issued, as there is with all manual invoices for all clients, there is a $10 fee to process that request for you. You can read more about manual NDIS requests here. If you would like a carer or support worker to attend, but they will not be doing the class, no fee for the class will apply, but they will need to pay the $25 venue booking fee on arrival (which can be exchanged for dinner and a glass of wine). If they would like to do the class with you and have their own project rather than assist you with yours, full class fee applies.


If you are having issues getting your gift card to work at checkout please submit a manual request here and we will forward you tickets. You can read more about Gift Card terms and conditions, where and how they can be used, here.


Please take a moment to read our ticket sales terms and conditions located here. These are also published on our facebook page under info, as one of the auto responder questions on Facebook messager, in the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website and on every event listed. It is our responsibility to publish these terms and conditions and make them easily accessible, and your responsibility as the client to read these terms and conditions prior to purchasing your ticket to ensure you agree with them.

This includes terms and conditions that relate to bad weather, COVID 19, Lockdowns, Cancellations, intellectual property & refunds. Due to the high number of no shows and the financial implications that no shows have on our business we adhere to this policy to the letter and will not deviate from our agreed policy.

To avoid disappointment please ensure your are familiar with your terms and conditions prior to making your purchase and if you have questions prior to doing so, contact


Sip 'n' Dip provides group instruction for fun art classes. This is not fine art tuition and you will not be provided 1x1 instruction. Our classes are geared around going out, enjoying dinner and a glass of wine, and having a great night out with friends. Customers are required to listen to the instructions and follow the technique remembering that they are beginners. In the vast majority of cases, we have found issues have come about because instruction has been missed or not followed. Whilst we set the expectation for advertised photos at a beginner level, in any particular group we will have a range of clients who are given the same instruction, and produce different levels of results. We ask that if you are new to a particular project, it is important to set realistic expectations for your class output. Sip 'n' Dip can not control customers' work, technique or outcomes.

On that note, that the materials we use are expensive, and we value our time so we will not offer a redo if you are dissatisfied with the work you have created. You can ask us to correct it for you, but there is a cost associated with that service and the turnaround time can be from 2 - 7 weeks or beyond depending on the complexity of what you are asking us to do, a quote for the job will be provided at your request, you can read more here.


To help customers prepare for their classes we include a comprehensive frequently asked questions section of our website. You can locate that here. Please allow the page up to 5 seconds to load as it can initially appear as blank for those with slower internet connections.


  • $60 DEP (+$25 DUE AT EVENT)

    STANDARD TICKET - NO TICKET PROTECTION INCLUDED TOTAL PRICE: $85 DEPOSIT: $60 (Payable when you book this covers your class, equipment, tuition and supplies) MEAL/VENUE HIRE FEE: $25 (Payable on arrival at the venue on arrival)

  • $68.50 DEP (+$25 DUE AT EVENT)

    STANDARD TICKET - TICKET PROTECTION INCLUDED TOTAL PRICE: $93.50 DEPOSIT: $68.50 (Payable when you book this covers your class, equipment, tuition and supplies) MEAL/VENUE HIRE FEE: $25 (Payable on arrival at the venue on arrival)




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