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How to apply a clear coat of Resin to your artwork

Have you ever wondered how to provide a protective coat to your art work? Follow along with Kaitlyn on our YouTube channel and learn to pour a clear coat of resin.

This video shows you the step-by-step instructions on how to mix and pour a clear coat of resin onto your project. You can use this to seal artwork, add as a coat to canvases, to apply as a finishing coat to resin art cheeseboards or as is taught in this video to seal your project for durability.

We do not include information on torching resin and do not encourage people to do so as heating resin releases carbon monoxide and without appropriate PPE this is highly unsafe. We will only run classes that torch resin under the strict supervision of one of our teachers in an appropriate location with appropriate PPE.

Check out our resin information before you do for best practice, tips, tricks and safety information (including SDS's for the resin we used and recommended PPE) here:

You can download an instructional sheet seat with more detailed information here:

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1 Comment

hasnat ali
hasnat ali
Feb 15, 2023

I was impatiently searching for this software, Finally i got it. You may check it out.

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