Resin is a chemical and as such is considered dangerous and caution should be taken when working with it.



We do not promise we will have any particular colours available at class, we offer a range of colours based on what is available at any particular time, note that due to COVID stock can be difficult to get so we offer a range of colours but will not promise that specific colour or shade will be at the class. Customers should not assume that a colour featured on our Facebook will be available. We do not promise or advertise a particular colour set will be available unless we run a class with a specific colour and design in which case those are the only available colours on the night.


Please be advised that Sip 'n' Dip Australia will place an artist to supervise this class and all measures will be taken to provide a safe environment for you to enjoy resin, however, Sip 'n' Dip Australia Pty Ltd, its teachers, venues and owners takes no responsibility for personal liability and damage resulting from the use of resin in our class, at our venues or in your home.

Buy purchasing a resin ticket you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions listed on this page.


Children are welcome in our resin classes, but caution should be exercised, and parents should make a judgement call as to the suitability of the project, the exposure to chemicals and ability of the child to participate. Parents take on full responsibility for the supervision of their child while using resin.



Pregnant woman are welcome in our resin classes, but caution should be exercised, and each individual should make a judgement call as to the suitability of the project, the exposure to chemicals when deciding if they want to book. Expecting mothers take on full responsibility for this decision. Working with or exposure to certain epoxies or resins could increase your chances of having fertility problems, miscarriage, stillbirth, or a baby with birth defects. We ask that if you are expecting that you carefully review the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the resin(s) you are considering. 




At the studio, your board will be left with us on the night, by morning they will be hard enough to travel with but it will be another 7 days before they can be sanded and finished for you. 


Your board/s will be food-grade cured within 7 days (depending on humidity and heat) we can not sand them before that point is achieved as the chemical compounds remain active and toxic and can be inhaled. If you return early and decide to sand your own PLEASE DO NOT do so before the 7-day cure has been achieved.

Once boards are ready to be collected, a post will be popped onto our Facebook page - the quickest way to check is to send a message to our Facebook page. Depending on the number of projects being cured in the studio it can take a further 7 days before your work is ready.

In cafes, we use tape to protect the rear of your board - you will need to remove that tape as soon as possible after class to remove the drips. We offer FREE sanding for all classes so if you have drips head to 98 Brisbane Terrace Goodna between 7am-2pm Monday to Saturday to have your board sanded and cleaned up for a beautiful clean finish.


Your board is designed to be aesthetically beautiful, we place the art to one end of the board so that you can enjoy all matter of food on the majority of the board. There are a few rules to consider when caring for your board:


Do not:

Apply heat to your resin (it will melt) - our resin can withstand a hot coffee cup 14 days after cure.

Leave it in the sun fulltime (it will turn yellow eventually if left exposed to UV light)

Stack things on top of it (it will leave dimples in your surface eventually)

Cut on your resin (it's not a chopping board its art, using a knife will leave marks) You may use a non-serrated cheese knift



Wash with warm soapy water & Rinse

Air dry

Hang your board for all to see and admire


You need to be aware that there are a few moving pieces to make sure it sets properly. We encourage you to ensure you are following your teacher's directions to the letter to avoid disappointment with your final piece.


The room will be set to 24 degrees, this is reasonably warm, add the body temperature of everyone in the room into the mix and it will sit somewhere between 24-30 which is the Goldilocks zone for we need for your resin to cure properly. In cafes, your teacher will use thermometers to keep an eye on the temperature and instruct students if they should be working faster or slower based on that.


We will offer a 'Wash' style board, boards with resin cut in a straight line require an additional hour of cure time as there is a step after it starts to harden so are not offered in this class. If you would like us to do this for you, your artists time is set at $50 per hour to wait for the board to semi-set before pulling the tape.




You will not get a cure if you:


  • Stir copious amounts of bubbles into your resin (go slow once they are in we can't get them out) if you have very large bubbles and cant see them to pop them before they cure, they will result in pockmarks on the surface that are very large.

  • Inaccurately measure and mix your resin (take time to get this right - or you will have a sticky result that won't set)

  • Inaccurately mix your colour pigment into your resin (make sure it's mixed thoroughly or you will get sticky patches after cure)

  • Add more than 10% colour pigment (this will change the ratio and your board won't set)

  • Don't mix the chemicals properly - be sure to spend time scraping the edges and bottom as you go (unmixed resin will stay sticky and not cure)

  • Touch the surface of your work with your hands - oils repel the resin and so you will end up with clean fingerprints left if you touch the surface without cleaning the oils away


You can also read the FAQs for the brand resin used in this class here.


Your teacher will mention all this in class and walk you through it, but please be aware going in that paying attention is the best way to get a proper cure.




We do not use these in class. Our public liability prohibits their use, but beyond that you can cause damage to yourself and your work that can not be reversed if you are not monitored.




Please be advised that Sip 'n' Dip Australia will place an artist to supervise this class and all measures will be taken to provide a safe environment for you to enjoy resin, however, Sip 'n' Dip Australia takes no responsibility for personal liability and damage for those attending the classes. You do so at your own risk.


At room temperature exposure to vapour is minimal due to low volatility. The LC50 has not been determined. 


Skin Contact: May cause sensitisation by skin contact. 

Eye Contact: May cause irritation to eyes. 

Ingestion: No anticipated harmful effects in small amounts. 

Inhalation: May cause sensitisation by inhalation.


Brand: Just Resin

Safety Data Sheets: Can be found here.


We use a UV stabilised, self-levelling Art Resin.


General Advice:

Seek medical advice. If breathing has stopped or is laboured give assisted respirations. Supplemental oxygen may be indicated. If the heart has stopped begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation immediately. 



Remove the source of contamination or move the victim to fresh air. Ensure airways are clear and have qualified person give oxygen through a face mask if breathing is difficult. If symptoms develop and persist seek medical attention. 



DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Immediately wash out mouth with water. If symptoms persist seek medical attention. 



Wash affected area thoroughly with soap and water. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reuse or discard. If symptoms develop seek medical attention. 



If contact with the eye(s) occurs, wash with copious amounts of water holding eyelid(s) open. Take care not to rinse contaminated water unto the non-affected eye. If symptoms persist seek medical





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