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Sat, 04 May


Earnshaw State College (Sports Hall)

Teacher : Yvonne & Lorreta | PRIVATE EVENT - (Not Open To The Public) - ESC Mother's and Others Afternoon

$70 = Sml Plate of refreshments, glass of wine and your class (includes 1 x resin board to decorate with resin, choosing from those available on the day, all materials and equipment).

Teacher : Yvonne & Lorreta  | PRIVATE EVENT -  (Not Open To The Public)  -  ESC Mother's and Others Afternoon
Teacher : Yvonne & Lorreta  | PRIVATE EVENT -  (Not Open To The Public)  -  ESC Mother's and Others Afternoon

Time & Location

04 May 2024, 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Earnshaw State College (Sports Hall), Cnr Earnshaw and, Tufnell Rd, Banyo QLD 4014, Australia


The Details


Oh hey there! 

Looks like someone invited you to attend a fabulous class! Here at our Sip and Dip, we offer FUN art not FINE art so get ready to enjoy a guided learn-to-make class!

Come join us in a perfect beginner art class as our host Yvonne and her assistant Lorreta walk you through the process step by step as you learn to create your very own epoxy resin cheeseboard! Our classes are designed with fun in mind, we are focused on a night out to relax.

We provide everything you need in the ticket price to create your masterpiece at this class.


DEPOSIT: $55 (Payable when you book this covers your class, equipment, tuition and supplies)

MEAL/DONATION FEE: $15 (Payable on arrival at the venue on the afternoon)

Included in the price of this ticket is:

- a small plate of refreshments & a glass of wine

- A super easy step-by-step resin board class run by your fabulous teachers

- All the equipment and materials you will need for a fantastic night out

- 1 x Epoxy Resin board to take home with you on the evening.

Optional Add Ons (see ticket options)

$20.00 - A second board of your choosing to make

$15.00 - A set of matching coasters to make

$8.50 - Ticket Protection (read below) covers you in the event you can not attend your class

​Please arrive a few minutes early so you can meet your fellow creators, grab a seat and unwind and soak up the chilled vibe before the class starts. Your class will commence just after 3pm, your teachers will be setting up the class in the half an hour before your event.

Plenty of free parking available onsite, a reminder that classes are designed as time out to allow people to unwind, you are welcome to bring your kids (if they are registered ticket holders) but we encourage you to leave toddlers and babies with babysitters and enjoy an experience off the tools and allow others to do the same. All attendees must be ticket holders to be admitted to the class and you will be working with epoxy resin which is a chemical - guests can not be under 12 years old or pregnant.


This is one of our most in demand classes as it provides you with the option to choose from a range of resin boards on the day. Your teacher will arrive with a collection of 4-5 of each board, to allow you to choose from the projects to match your purpose.  You will learn how to first choose coloured pigment, then you will be seated, and prepare your work space, you will be walked through how to mix, colour and pour resin using the flip cup and/or free pour method. Finally you will be provided with a take home kit that will allow you to travel home with your work, and once home set it up to cure and clean off any drips so that your work requests no sanding once cured.


We recommend ride-sharing. You will be taking your work home with you, to travel with your boards you will be shown how to place a tape dam around the circumference of your board and mount it to the  tray. When you leave class the resin will still be fluid (approximately the consistency of honey) so you will need to travel home holding it with both hands to keep it level. It is expected that your design will move and change by around 1 - 1.5 inches during this trip. Please note, even when work is left flat it often adjust and changes dramatically between pour and cure due to the heat generated during the pour and any minor level difference in the table it is seated on. Please do not prop your work on the floor of your car, or on a seat, this is a recipe for disaster and you will see a greater movement in your class work and run the risk of ruining it.


You will be provided with printed instructions on the day that tell you how to set your board up to cure at home, how long to let it cure, and how to remove the dam applied in class and clean up your board after the resin stops running. If you are leaving your board at the venue, you will need to sand the base of the board once it has cured as you will not be present to monitor it for drips. This is best done 14 days after the pour (once the chemical reaction is no longer active) and using an orbital OR belt sander.


We will provide a plastic disposable apron and gloves for you to wear in class, we do recommend old clothes, and to have your hair tied back. Epoxy resin will leave a stain even when clear if it is dropped onto clothing, once cured it resembles a flat hard patch on clothing and will over time deteriorate the clothing and cause holes in that spot. We recommend long sleeves and closed in shoes.


You will learn how to first choose coloured pigment (we recommend having a look at our colour palettes here for some inspiration), beyond that there really is no prep needed. We do recommend that you make yourself familiar with Epoxy Resin as it is a chemical. You can find information on resin here.


No, a small plate of refreshments and a glass of wine will be provided on arrival.


Yes, $15 is payable on arrival at the venue directly to the venue, this covers your small plate of refreshments, and your glass of wine. The fee is payable even if you choose not to eat/drink.

PREMIUM TICKETS VS STANDARD TICKETS - What is ticket protection?

If you are concerned that you will be unable to attend your class due to work, kids, sickness, illness, injury, emergency or covid we recommend purchasing ticket protection. This is an optional add-on at check out and protects your deposit paid allowing you to transfer it to a credit for later use. If you do not purchase ticket protection, and can not attend your event, you will forfeit your deposit paid. You must purchase ticket protection for every ticket you wish to protect. There is a $10 fee to rebook using the resulting credits (please see credit policy).

Standard tickets do not include ticket/deposit protection, and are therefore subject to the full standard terms and conditions if you can not attend your event and have not purchased tickets with inbuilt protection.  Ticket protection will not result in a refund, only a credit. Ticket protection covers emergencies and covid, illness or any other reason you can not attend - if you do not purchase ticket protection and you experience an emergency or COVID, you will lose your deposit paid if you can not attend. There is no fee to transfer your ticket to another person to attend on your behalf, please simply provide them the physical ticket and they will be admitted using it.


Please take a moment to read our ticket sales terms and conditions located here. These are also published on our facebook page under info, as one of the auto responder questions on Facebook messager, in the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website and on every event listed. It is our responsibility to publish these terms and conditions and make them easily accessible, and your responsibility as the client to read these terms and conditions prior to purchasing your ticket to ensure you agree with them.

This includes terms and conditions that relate to bad weather, COVID 19, Lockdowns, Cancellations, intellectual property & refunds. Due to the high number of no shows and the financial implications that no shows have on our business we adhere to this policy to the letter and will not deviate from our agreed policy.

To avoid disappointment please ensure your are familiar with your terms and conditions prior to making your purchase and if you have questions prior to doing so, contact


If you are purchasing this ticket as part of an online sale, please read the online sale terms and conditions located here.


Sip 'n' Dip provides group instruction for fun art classes. This is not fine art tuition and you will not be provided 1x1 instruction. Our classes are geared around going out, enjoying dinner and a glass of wine, and having a great night out with friends. Customers are required to listen to the instructions and follow the technique remembering that they are beginners. Whilst we set the expectation for advertised photos at a beginner level, in any particular group we will have a range of clients who are given the same instruction, and produce different levels of results. We ask that if you are new to a particular project, it is important to set realistic expectations for your class output. Sip 'n' Dip can not control customers work, technique or outcomes.


To help customers prepare for their classes we include a comprehensive frequently asked questions section of our website. You can locate that here. Please allow the page up to 5 seconds to load as it can initially appear as blank for those with slower internet connections.


  • Deposit - $15 due on arrival

    Please choose the number of options you would like in addition to your ticket. All tickets are a deposit - $15 is due on arrival at the venue and will cover your small plate of refreshments, wine and fundraiser fee. This fee is payable even if you choose not to eat. All attendees must have a ticket (each) to be admitted. Your deposit is payable to book (with any add-ons) and your final payment is due on arrival at the venue.

    From $8.50 to $55.00
    • $55.00
    • $8.50
    • $15.00



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