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5 amazing places that make great gifts in Ipswich (and why we reckon they rock!)

With the silly season behind us and the first round of birthdays for 2021 in front of us, it feels like a great time to share some of the local businesses here in Ipswich that we think are pretty amazing (and offer some pretty amazing services!).

I might be a little biased on this front but I was gifted a float at Christmas time from the team here at Sip 'n' Dip so City Cave Ipswich is right up there on my things-to-do list. Being of Finnish heritage their saunas have huge appeal and who doesn't love a massage? With amazing reviews and a suite of gorgeous services City Float is a wonderful option for gifts!

Need a mini escape? Something with a little character? Check out Mary’s Place B&B. This is a 1928 renovated bungalow with three well-appointed rooms and an old-world charm that will do the trick! I have a soft spot for buildings with history so this quaint little cottage is on my to do list for 2021.

The Ipswich Little Theatre Society and the Walter Burley Griffin Incinerator Theatre have been a formidable partnership in Performing Arts in Ipswich for over 40 years. The Society has been in existence since 1946 and has a range of shows rolling out through 2021, with something sure to please everyone!

We. Love. These. Guys! Over the Christmas break, we enjoyed many a meal in their capable hands and I can say that every time, was as good as the first time. The service is unreal, the quality is brilliant and whilst their menu isnt 4 pages long, what they do they do really really well.

A bit of selfless promotion to finish off the blog post. If you are looking for gift certificates for the kids we offer kids classes all year round

Have a business you love and want to share it? Send us an email to

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