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Made candles in class and want to make them at home? Check out this handy troubleshooting guide!

This is just a quick share post for any budding candle makers.

In class, our soy candle-making procedures are controlled, surrounded by bulk risk assessments that keep everything in their lanes for an optimal customer experience and the perfect pour that to keep in line with our 'Fun art, not fine art' experience.

But what happens when you decide to make candles at home without your teacher?

Our online FAQs give a huge amount of information for budding enthusiasts ready to take the next step, but we couldn't walk by the good people at who have created an awesome Soy Wax troubleshooting guide that covers a whopping 17 of the major frustrations of beginner candle makers run into when working with Soy Wax in one easy-to-read guide - so we are doing a quick share to encourage you to have a read if you are interested in getting into candle making (particularly SOY WAX candle making)

Check out their guide here:

Finally, when it comes to the soy wax brand we use in class, whilst it is considered expensive and can sometimes be difficult to get when it comes to waxes (sparing supply issues), we can't go past EcoSoya CB Advanced Soy Wax as one of the most stable, wonderfully performing soy waxes we have used.

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hasnat ali
hasnat ali
15 févr. 2023

I was impatiently searching for this software, Finally i got it. You may check it out.

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