Our top 5 makers (and what they make) and why we love them!

Brisbane is brimming with makers - if it wasn't yet in full swing before COVID it is safe to say that it is now! Fortunately for us, there is no end to drool-worthy artisan pieces on insta for us to peruse and we wanted to share with you our top 5 makers and why we love their work!!

Number 1 - Tootzzi

Tootzzi is a local Brisbane Based polymer clay provider and Melinda makes some of the cutest and most interesting clay jewelry on the market. Forget run of the mill lanyards, you will find polymer coupled with a variety of media on sale in her store. From Earrings to home decor, beaded keychains to necklaces you will fall in love with her work as much as we have!

Number 2 - The Grounded Rebel

The Grounded Rebel is one of our favs and at first look, her store is full of beautiful candles adorned with crystals (among other awesome products) but on a closer look, all that good Juju is complimented by her witty and clever candle catchphrases and thus provides the reason we love them so much! Visit this local maker on Instagram to check out more of what she makes!

Number 3 - Donna Saunders

Looking for ceramics we adore Donna Saunders and her almost Scandinavian feel from terracotta pots to glazed cups (and everything in between) Donna's work is dripping with talent and we LOVE her work!!

Number 4 - Schudio

Schudio OHHHH EMMMMM GEEEEEE - I personally own one of her laptop sleeves and LOVE it!! It helps she is insanely talented, is a local Ipswich girl, AND happens to be a brilliant human to boot. Check her out on Insta!

Number 5 - Oceanos Creations

It wouldn't be sip n dip, without a shout out to a local Resin Artist!!

We love love love Oceanos Creations, this side gig gone wild has seen Anastasia's talent at creating ocean-themed cheeseboards taken to the next level.

If you scroll through her etsy store you will quickly see what we love about her work. From wall art to coasters, cheeseboards to charger plate she has it all in-store and ready to browse.

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