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ArtSil is a high-performance Food Grade Liquid Silicone Rubber with excellent flexibility, strength and longevity.


It's perfect for moulding of high detailed items. Moulds are suitable for resin casting, lathe turning blanks, jewellery making, wax candle creation and various prototyping.


Easy to mix 1:1 ratio by volume

Very low shrinkage

Good tensile and tear strength

Shore Hardness 36A

Outstanding bubble releasing properties

Aging resistance

high temperature resistance <250°cCure Time 2-5 hrs <20°c, 20-30 mins >30°c

Pot of life 20-40mins <25°c


Kit Size : 1Litre / 1.1kg

You will receive 0.5L Part A : 0.5L Part B

Safety Data Sheet Part A & B


ArtSil Liquid Silicone 1L Kit

GST Included
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