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Are you an artist, event organiser, lecturer or teacher? Maybe you just fell in love with the art supplies used in our Sip'n'Dip classes.


This fabulous tripod easel is just what you need for your everyday use. Don't struggle with a sketch pad or canvas balanced on your lap when you are trying to paint that perfect landscape. This easel will hold your paper at the perfect angle while you paint and stand back to admire your creation.


Event organisers can use the easel to display important information, photos of products and services. Educators, lecturers and teachers will find the easel extremely versatile and can be used to display lessons, hold a flip chart or used as a teaching tool. Galleries and exhibition centres can use the easel to display of their work.


Features Brand new product Made from steel Black colour Easy to assemble Easy to fold and pack away Height is adjustable to a maximum of 165cm Bottom support is 45cm wide Will hold a painting board of up to 80cm length Lightweight at only .99kg Comes with a carry bag Sold as a single unit The easel has a classic tripod design with three legs and a horizontal stand to hold a sketch pad, canvas or display board. It is fully adjustable and can be lengthened or shortened to suit your needs from table top to seated work.


The easel comes in a carry case making it fully portable and easy to transport.

Portable Easel

GST Included
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