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Highest Quality Pearl Mica Powders


Our Luster Mica Powders are suitable for use with all types of Resins, Paints, Nail Lacquers, and Artwork applications


Only a small amount is required to give your work a vibrant and lustrous finish


Multiple colours can be combined to create your own custom colours

Size - 50ml


Pigment Powder for Resin


If you want to enhance your project, our stock of pigment powder for resin is the way to go. With strong, vibrant, and bold dust as one of the tools in your art arsenal, you’ll surely be able to make incredible creations. Simply use our Just Resin powders and sprinkle more personality into your art projects!


Applying a translucent, acrylic finish onto your homeware? If so, then you should consider mixing our epoxy tint powder into the mixture. How about matching the colour of your furniture with your backsplash and appliances? There are many ways you can use our pigment powder for resin to brighten up your home.


If you would rather make a creative craft project as opposed to a home improvement project, you can simply buy our Epoxy Resin solution and mix in some of our quality pigment powder to create beautiful resin art, such as preserving flowers in a softly coloured frame and creating a paperweight based on your design preferences. 


The applications of pigment powder for epoxy have no limits. All you have to do is order the supplies you need at Just Resin and be on your way to making stunning masterpieces that will last for years. We even provide beginner-friendly starter kits if you’re looking to slowly enter the hobby at a pace that’s comfortable for you. With this Resin Starter Kit, you can practice and learn as you go. 


Visit Just Resin now and find premium pigment powder for resin. Shop with us today to enjoy exclusive products and an online shop with features you won’t find anywhere else. 



Please ensure you read the safety data sheet before use, this can be located here.


Violet Blue - Luster Powder Pigment

GST Included
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