'Charcoal & Chills' - 3 reasons we love our new art class!

There is something just so amazing about the human body! There is a reason that it has been the subject matter of creative minds for a thousands of years. From cave man paintings to fine art, we as a race have been infatuated with ourselves.

Last night we hosted another 'Charcoal & Chills' class at Leaf Cafe Goodna, we where blessed to have 3 models on site and this time the class was lead by Megan.

After a series of exercises, they sevled right in with a series of more in depth pieces.

Overall it was a wonderful class and here are our top 3 take aways:

People love trying new things!

One of the most frequently repeated things in these classes are 'I wanted to try something new' and its wonderful. Part of the appeal of still life is the unknown and putting yourself out of your comfort zone.

Finding new skills

Another of the biggest most common things discussed at our charcoal events is that the students just didnt know that they could draw! When you compare your work from the very start of the class to the very end, you can surprise yourself! It's also an amazing confidence boost!

Best consumed with a friend

We have found due to the nature of the class, dinner and the social aspects that the class functions as time well spent with friends a glass of wine and some creative energy.

If you are interested in attending connect with us! We would love to get to know you!

Sip 'n' Dip Ipswich

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