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LOCKDOWN PROTOCOL - Checklist (Where we are up to with regards to the current lockdown) Monday 29/03

Updated: Apr 1, 2021


This post is fluid and will be updated as we progress systematically through the process of lockdown administration.


The following events are confirmed as postponed pending replacement dates:

29th March - Goodna Studio - Teacher Resin Training - Rebooked 26/03 - Tickets reissued

30th March - Mango Hill Tavern - Lazy Susan Class - 04/05 Rebooked and tickets reissued

31st March - Studio - Learn to pour a Lazy Susan Class - Rebooked 05/05 - Tickets reissued

1st April - Southgate - Underwater Paradise - Rebooked 08/4 - Tickets reissued

1st April - Studio - BYO Board Resin Class - Rebooked 29/04 - Tickets Reissued

3rd April - Karalee - Side table class - Rebooked 08/05 - Tickets Reissued

Classes from the 5th of April will proceed as per usual with capped numbers.

Mandatory Restrictions will remain across all of Queensland for two weeks until 12 noon on Thursday 15 April 2021. 1 person per 2sqm rule now applies and is in force (groups may sit together).

We have gone venue by venue for the classes during this period to identify which classes can continue and which need to be postponed due to the lockdown and restrictions, we will be in touch with customers shortly.

We have capped ticket sales to match the space requirements at the respective venue.

What happens if my class is postponed?

For postponed classes, we now have confirmation of the lifting of the lockdown, but not the lifting of restrictions.

we will contact our venues and find an alternate date on the same day of the week, at the same time of the day, at the same venue 4-6 weeks from now and move the event to that date. We will then communicate the new date for your class with you directly.

If you are unable to make your rescheduled class, you can request a credit without expiry (we will not charge the class transfer fee for rebooking for Covid lockdown affected classes). You can use this credit at any time. To book simply visit find the class you wish to book, choose manual payment, and email us to let us know (we will then mark it as paid at our end for you).

New tickets will be automatically issued to you when the new date is provided. If you would like to read the COVID lockdown policy, it can be located in our terms and conditions here.


Please review the below Sip 'n' Dip Protocol and at what stage in the process we are up to. The protocol and lockdown policy is published on our website here:

In the event of a lockdown Sip 'n' Dip will follow the below protocol across all regions - the current lockdown event is expected to run from Monday 29th March at 5pm for 3 days - we will continue to update this post as information comes to hand.

STAGE 1 - Immediate Response to closure advice part 1 - COMPLETED

Review communications provided by the state and federal government and comply with the required actions.

This has been completed, we are unable to progress with classes for 3 days, this includes today, Tuesday and Wednesday at this stage - we will monitor the situation as it develops.

Produce a blog post as a central information source for our clients

This has been completed

Select the events we are required to postpone.

The following events will be postponed, further events may be postponed if the lockdown continues, information will be passed along as the situation develops: 29/03 5.30PM - Teacher resin training - Rebooked 26/04

30/03 6.00PM - Mango Hill Resin Susans - Pending waiting on venue 04/05 TBC

31/03 6.30PM - Goodna Studio - Resin lazy Susans - New date pending

01/04 6:00PM - Sandgate - learn to paint Underwater Paradise - Rebooked to 8th April

The following classes may be postponed - we wait to hear advice/confirmation on when the lockdown will be lifted:

01/04 6.30PM - Studio - BYO Resin Class

List of rejected emails - If we recieve a email rejection notice you can find it here:



Contact our venues to advise our position, and provide advice as to which actions we are required to take to comply with said required actions.

The studio, Mango Hill Tavern and Sandgate Coffee Club have all been contacted.

Contact our artists to ensure their welfare, safety, and provide advice on any shift cancellations.

This has been completed.

STAGE 1 - Immediate Response to closure advice Part 2 - COMPLETED

Contact our studio and advise closure requirements and additional safety requirements. Based on these actions we will follow the below process in order: Post on Facebook acknowledging the lockdown and providing confirmation that advice will be forthcoming. Then pin this post to the top of the page.

This has been completed

Add an automatic responder to the Facebook messager reflecting this message.

This has been completed

Add a covid update to all google my business profiles for Sip 'n' Dip

This has been completed

Create a list of the bounced email addresses for customers to reference their advices

This has been completed

Add a pop-up to all sip n dip websites reflecting this message.

This has been completed

Message all attendees via email to let them know their classes have been postponed with advice for when our next contact will be with them.

This has been completed

Change the title of events that have been postponed on both the website and on Facebook.

This has been completed

STAGE 2 - Continued Response to closure advice Part 1

Once this sequence has been followed we will wait for advice from the local, state, and federal government as to the appropriate next step. Once restrictions are eased we will follow the below protocol. The lockdown has been lifted but strict restrictions remain in place.

Contact all our artists to check their comfort in teaching and confirm shifts.

This has been completed.

Contact our venues to confirm their ability to host planned classes under any existing restrictions

This has been completed

Contact clients who were affected by postponed classes to advise their replacement date.

This is in progress - Initial update has been issued

Contact ticket holders via email for any events in the next 7 days and email them to confirm their classes will proceed.

This has been completed - dates until the lockdown expires 15/4

Update the Facebook post, website pop up and autoresponder to include the new information.

This has been completed

Proceed to reschedule postponed events for 4 - 6 weeks' time.

This is in progress - Initial update has been issued

Proceed to watch information advice from the local, state, and federal government as to the appropriate next step and action/repeat the protocol as required.

This has been completed.

We will post updates on this post ongoing throughout the duration of the lockdown event.


Please visit

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